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We are your best choice for quality assistance with written papers, projects, theses, proposals and dissertations reviewing. We guarantee credible step by step guidance with proofreading, editing, rewriting or even help with finishing incomplete projects. Just let us know how we can help and then we shall help.

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Just call us or email us and tell us how we can help you. Whether you need urgent editing assistance, we are all set.

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If you are not that sure with your completed capstone or thesis, let our experts look at it & polish it for you.

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We check through your project keenly to ensure that the structure, flow and framework is consistent with the topic.

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We help check that your research sources are both contemporary, relevant and credible.

Revising & Finishing

When you have hit a dead end with your thesis or dissertation, we are willing to offer affordable help.


Our editors are farmiliar with quality content rewriting without losing the original meaning.

Troubled on where to get expert editing or review assistance.

Allow Petrian Editing Service to take care of all your worries. Our Editors and proofreaders are trained, alert and ready for hire: info@petrianeditingservice.co.uk

Why Expert Editing & Review is Important

When you write a project, it is very possible to miss out on one or two things. Mostly people wait until their supervisors point you the issues. You do not have to wait all that much, allow us t give a professional opinion that counts. It saves you time and much struggle, ensures that you enjoy your writing and submission process.

ByRichards Jul 30, 2016

Custom Thesis Revising Help | Finish my Capstone

Being a student and an employee makes one realize how important capstone paper finishing services really is, since many of the scholars required

ByRichards Mar 30, 2015

Dissertation Rewriting Help | Paraphrasing Services

A dissertation paper is a very important document, since it helps a student support their candidature for a high overall performance. Quality dis

ByRichards May 30, 2014

Help with Dissertation Proofreading and Reviewing

Filling up a paper with words to write a dissertation is a one thing, while creating a readable, presentable, well formatted, grammatically fit a